Welcome to the INER

The International Employee Repository (INER) is an extensive online employment record database that allows fast yet accurate real-time employment verification for authorized users. Created and promoted by CrossCheck - a fully owned subsidiary of the DataFlow Group - the around-the-clock INER system is a secure collaborative platform that enables employers to verify the following:

  • Employment details of a job applicant
  • Employment details of a visa applicant
  • Current salary details of a loan applicant

The INER obtains relevant data from private and public companies; banks and financial institutions; travel, hospitality and education sectors; logistic and medical service providers; as well as non-government and government agencies; thus making it simpler and faster for organisations to conduct employment checks and background verifications on existing employees or potential job applicants.

Furthermore, the INER consolidates data shared by contributors - namely prominent Member Companies such as HP, Dell, Cognizant, Fullerton and Perot, among others - who have agreed to supply restricted staff employment records. The mentioned information is stored on a secure platform that can be accessed solely by registered users, and only then be referenced for specific searches, consequently benefiting contributors by freeing their HR personnel from verification-related administration procedures.

INER Values

Advantages For Contributors(Organizations sharing ex-employee data with the INER)

  • Zero cost solution for a non-core yet necessary business requirement
  • No resources required to respond to verification calls and emails
  • Lower overheads regarding HR personnel costs - INER manager serves as the single point of contact for ex-employee verification
  • Eliminates the need to interact with multiple background screening companies
  • Mitigates risk and misuse of data through a robust screening process
  • Monthly dashboard providing status and detailed log of ex-employee data usage

Advantages For Subscribers(Employers conducting employment checks via the INER)

  • 24/7 access to records for faster verification, thus resulting in timely placements
  • Access to previous and/or current employment data as provided by ex-employer
  • Lower likelihood of discrepancies in employment verifications
  • System-generated reports minimizing risk of human error and inaccurate verifications
  • Standardization of response, hence reducing possible liability issues
  • Efficiency and standardization in the screening process



Cost involved for companies contributing data and outsourcing the verification process to the INER


  • Indian verifying bodies - INR 120 per search
  • Overseas verifying bodies - USD 5 per search